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Privacy Policy

The website provides information to all citizens and entities, public or private, free of charge.
The information made available through the website can be used for personal or public use, as long as it is not for profitable or offensive purposes, forcing interested parties to expressly and prominently identify SRTOP as its author. The republishing of any content, for the purposes of disclosure or sale, requires the express authorization of SRTOP, without which it violates the current legislation of copyright.
The site has links to pages of other entities, in order to facilitate access to information related to the subjects it deals with. SRTOP, despite carefully selecting the links that the site provides, is not responsible for the timeliness, veracity, quality or integrity of the information and content made available on these sites, nor for any resulting malicious or harmful actions, direct or indirect.
Any attempts to alter or upload information on this site or any other action that may cause damage or jeopardize the integrity of the system, are strictly prohibited and will be punished in accordance with the legislation in force.
The site, through Google Analytics, collects the following data in aggregate:
- geographic origin (city, country)
- language
- device type
- operating system
- browser
- operator
- age
- gender
- date and time of access
- reference data addresses
- IP address
The collected data are processed and processed, in accordance with the law, aiming to allow:
- the monitoring, by SRTOP, of all statistical information related to the use of the website in an aggregated and anonymous way, and the data used for this purpose do not contain personally identifiable data or private information of users;
- conducting statistical analyzes based on this information to interpret the usage patterns of the site and improve service levels and user satisfaction.
Users' personal information is not sold or rented to third parties, and only statistical information may be disclosed to third parties or publicly, under the terms of the applicable legislation.
The data in question will not be used for any other purpose, being kept by SRTOP for the legally established period.
SRTOP can make changes to this Privacy Policy, which are always communicated to registered users.